Allison Milles
Sex Female
Race White
Location Newton, Georgia
Found May 24, 1985
Unidentified for 33 years
Postmortem interval N/A
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 15 - 35
Height approximation 5'1 - 5'4
Weight approximation 110 - 120 pounds
Cause of death Vehicle accident

Allison Milles was an unidentified girl or young woman found in Newton, Georgia on May 24, 1985. She was lying on the side of a road, still alive, but unconscious. She died on June 1 after succumbing to her injuries. Her name, found on the tag on her jeans, has not been stated to have been verified.


"Allison" was found lying on the side of a road with massive trauma to her body, consistent with falling from a vehicle. The circumstances of how this happened are unclear, but her death was ruled accidental.

Physical characteristics

  • She has dark blonde or light brown hair with highlights, and may be worn straight or in a crooked ponytail.
  • She had blue eyes.
  • She had stretch marks on her abdomen and buttocks.
  • She had a slim build.

Clothing & accessories

  • Gray T-shirt
  • Brittinia jeans
  • White Keds tennis shoes
  • White socks
  • Red & white bandana