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Anaheim 2017
Sex Female
Race White
Location Anaheim, California
Found August 30, 1987
Unidentified for 31 years
Postmortem interval 1 - 2 months
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 15 - 19
Height approximation 5'1 - 5'4
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Stabbing

Anaheim Jane Doe was a teenager who was believed to have been stabbed to death about six weeks to two months before her nude, nearly skeletonized remains were found. It is believed that she may have been a runaway. She was found fifty feet off the side of Santa Ana Canyon Road, right off of the heavily-traveled 91 freeway in the affluent Orange County, California suburb of Anaheim Hills, California in 1987. Her remains were in a 50x50 foot grassy area.

She is currently undergoing testing by the DNA Doe Project.

Characteristics and personal items

  • She is estimated to have brown to blond medium length hair.
  • She is said to have high, prominent cheekbones.
  • She had a chipped front tooth (it is unspecified if this occurred postmortem.)
  • She had some missing teeth and untreated cavities.
  • Some fillings were also observed.
  • Her weight is undetermined but she likely had a slim build.
  • A red handkerchief and length of cord were found near the body.