Andrea Kuiper Cscr-featured
Name Andrea Kuiper
Sex Female
Found April 1, 1990
Location Huntington Beach, California
Missing from Fairfax, Virginia
Identified May 4, 2017
Span 27 years
Age 26
Cause of death Vehicle accident

Andrea Kuiper, also known as the Huntington Beach Jane Doe or Andrea, was a young adult who was killed in a vehicle accident in Huntington Beach, California in 1990. She was identified in 2017.

Info based on sightings

Andrea was a hitchhiker who had stayed at different households when traveling. She had a habit of taking hair and wrapping it around her fingers, similar to a ring. She claimed to have been adopted and was searching for her biological parents. She claimed they were prominent but would not identify who they were. She claimed to be from New York or Virginia.


Andrea's body was discovered at Huntington Beach. She had stepped into traffic and was killed after being struck by multiple vehicles.

According to the Orange County Sherrif's Department, Andrea had been identified via fingerprints that had been entered into AFIS and matched with material taken from the unidentified body.

Physical characteristics

  • She has slight acne scars on her lower face.
  • Both her ears were pierced.
  • She has brown short & wavy hair.

Clothing and accessories

  • Black dress size small label "ZZ"
  • Hot pink loose knit sweater
  • Red long sleeved shirt size S "New Hero", Native American design
  • Bra, size 40D
  • Hot pink pumps with decorative holes on toes (says Leather on inside bottom and a price tag on one is blurry but visible) size 6
  • Ring of human hair on left pinky finger