Angel McAllister
Name Angel McAllister
Sex Female
Found October 9, 1999
Location Yuma, Arizona
Missing from San Diego, California
Identified May 8, 2017
Span 17 years
Age 18
Cause of death Gunshot (homicide)

Angel McAllister, previously Yuma Jane Doe, was a young woman found murdered in Arizona in 1999. She was identified in May 2017 through fingerprints. DNA results on October 24 confirmed this.


McAllister's body was found alongside a river. She had been shot in the face with a shotgun, which left her face unrecognizable when she was discovered. There were speculations that she may have been abducted from Mexico, although after her identification, this seems to be less apparent.

According to McAllister's sister, the siblings were placed into foster care and Angel left her residence after she turned eighteen.