Baltimore Jane Doe
Sex Female
Race Black
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Found August 11, 1982
Unidentified for 35 years
Postmortem interval 2 - 4 months
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 17 - 25
Height approximation 5'1 - 5'2
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Not stated(S)

Baltimore Jane Doe was an African-American female found deceased in Maryland in 1982.


On August 11, 1982, the skeletal remains of an unidentified black female were found lying in a wooded area in a public park, making it a possible homicide.

Physical characteristics

  • She had kinky, black hair.
  • Her fingernails were fake and had purple polish.

Clothing & accessories

  • Gray flannel jacket
  • Red and white striped shirt
  • Panties
  • One yellow metal ring with twisted effect
  • One yellow netal neck chain with pattern