Baltimore Jane Doe
UP 2339 recon2
Sex Female
Race White
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Found July 5, 1968
Unidentified for 49 years
Postmortem interval Hours
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 35 - 50
Height approximation 5'5
Weight approximation 164 pounds
Cause of death Not stated
Baltimore Jane Doe was a woman found deceased in Maryland in 1968.

Physical Description Edit

  • She had black hair and brown eyes,
  • She had a four and a half inch long scar on her lower abdomen.
  • She may have a history of alcohol abuse.
  • She may have suffered from depression.

Clothing & accessories Edit

  • Blue dress with a belt
  • Yellow bra
  • Yellow half-slip
  • Black loafer-type shoes
  • Gold wedding band

Links Edit

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