Bea Sieg
Name Bertha Sieg
Sex Female
Found December 11, 1994
Location Dallas, Texas
Missing from Duncanville, Texas
Identified June 2016
Span 21 years
Age 15
Cause of death Undetermined(S)
Bertha "Bea" Sieg was a teenager discovered in 1994 in Texas. She was identified in 2016 through efforts by NCMEC.


Sieg left her home, without permission, after she had an argument with her mother. No further details about her disappearance are available.

The girl's remains were found in a field by a man accompanied by his dog. She was thought to have died within six months to two years before and was completely skeletonized at the time of discovery. No cause of death was determined.

Identification Edit

In 2016, her NCMEC reconstruction was released along with images of a jacket found near the remains. Bea's mother noticed a resemblance between the pair and recognized the girl's clothing. The match was confirmed in June 2016.


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