Berrien County Jane Doe
Sex Female
Race White
Location New Buffalo, Michigan
Found August 23, 1992
Unidentified for 24 years
Postmortem interval 4 - 7 days
Body condition Decomposed
Age approximation 65 - 75
Height approximation 5'2
Weight approximation 102 pounds
Cause of death Homicide

Berrien County Jane Doe was a woman found dead alongside a road in 1992. She had been placed at the location days after her death.

Case Edit

The victim was found on August 23, 1992 in a plastic bag, left along Krueger Road, Berrien City, MI.

Her body was found wrapped in a sheet, towel and two garbage bags, and bound with twine. The victim's body was nude, and the hands and dentures were missing. 

Investigators think she may have lived at a care facility in either northern Illinois or Indiana.

Physical characteristics Edit

  • She had an appendectomy scar.
  • She had a broken spine, but it was not the cause of death.



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