Fran Smith Cscr-featured
Betty Gladden Smith
Age 49
Race White
Sex Female
Location West Windsor Township, New Jersey
Disappeared October 4, 1991
Missing for 26 years
Height 5'2
Weight 100 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Betty Fran Gladden Smith (known by her middle name) is the second wife of John Smith that went missing in 1991.


John was convicted of his first wife, Janice Hartman, who was killed in 1974 and identified in 2000 after being found in 1980. Foul play is strongly suspected in Betty's case. Two other women were thought to be victims of John Smith, as their photographs were found in his possession. Both were later identified and were alive. Partial skull fragments found in John Smith's former storage unit were excluded to belong to Fran, making this a third known victim.


  • She had blond hair.
  • Her eyes were blue.
  • Smith had recent hip surgery at the time she disappeared.
    • A pin was present after the surgery. She used a walker and could not have traveled alone, had her disappearance been voluntary.
  • She had breast implants.
  • There was no bone on her right pinkie toe.
  • She had a previous hysterectomy.
  • Her front teeth had temporary caps that were discolored yellow.


Media appearances

  • Fran's case was detailed on both Forensic Files and Cold Case Files.