Brenda Gerow Cscr-featured
Name Brenda Marie Gerow
Sex Female
Found April 8, 1981
Location Tucson, Arizona
Missing from Nashua, New Hampshire
Identified June 2015
Span 34 years
Age 21
Cause of death Strangulation

Brenda Marie Gerow, previously nicknamed as "Flower Girl," was discovered on April 8, 1981. She was strangled and left in a desert, where her body had decomposed beyond recognition within days. Brenda was identified in June 2015 after a photograph was discovered in the possession of John Kalhauser, a killer that had ties to Arizona at the time of the murder.

Case Edit

Pima Jane Doe scene

Crime scene

The Jane Doe had died two to three days before, due to ligature strangulation. It is also believed that she had been sexually assaulted by her killer.

The victim wore several different articles of distinctive clothing, including a navy blue shirt with puffed sleeves along with a denim jacket that was hanging in the brush near her body. Because she had scratches on her face, she could have been fleeing from her attacker or had spent time walking through the brush.

Brenda had left New Hampshire with John Kalhauser in 1980, according to her brother. Kalhauser was convicted of the bodyless murder of Diane Van Reeth.

Gallery Edit

Media appearances Edit

  • Gerow's case was featured on an episode of Who Killed Jane Doe in 2017.


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