Buckskin Girl Cscr-featured
Buckskin Girl NCMEC
Sex Female
Race White
Location Troy, Ohio
Found April 24, 1981
Unidentified for 36 years
Postmortem interval 24 - 36 hours
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 18 - 26
Height approximation 5-4 - 5'6
Weight approximation 125 - 130 pounds
Cause of death Strangulation/beating

Buckskin Girl was a young woman found murdered in Troy, Miami County, Ohio on April 24, 1981.


Buckskin Girl side

Amateur's rendering of the victim

Buckskin Girl's body was found within a day or two after she was strangled and beaten to death and left at the side of a road.

Recent pollen tests on her clothing confirmed speculation that she was a "wanderer," as she had likely spent time in various regions in the United States, including the Northeast and Western states before she died in Ohio.

Extensive investigation has ruled out over two-hundred missing females.


  • The victim had reddish-brown hair worn in two braids.
  • Her eyes were a light brown.
  • She had freckles.
  • Her complexion was "ruddy," indicating she spent a significant time outside.
  • She had excellent personal hygiene.
  • She had a 32D bra size.
  • Her ears were not pierced.
  • Her teeth were in good condition and she had a porcelain crown on the top right incisor.
  • All four wisdom teeth were present.
  • She had several scars
    • One under her chin.
    • Two on the left wrist.
    • One on her right hand.
    • One on her right foot.
    • One on her right ankle.
  • She had several birthmarks.
    • A tan mark on her left thigh.
    • A mole under the right breast.
    • A mole on the left arm.


  • She wore a unique deerskin poncho that led to her nickname.
    • It appeared to be homemade.
    • It had fringe along the seams.
  • A brown turtleneck sweater with an orange cris-cross design.
  • Blue bell-bottom Wrangler jeans.
  • A white bra.


  • Buckskin Girl was found near a road in the 1980s and may be involved in the Redhead murders.Rule Out
  • She may have been a victim of a different serial killer.Acknowledged
  • She may be Pamela Harvey Rousseau, missing from Ontario in 1978.Rule Out
    • Rousseau was ruled out by dental comparison, per law enforcement.
  • She may be Tina Kemp, who went missing in 1979.Rule Out
    • Tina Kemp had blue eyes and was ruled out, per NamUs.

Media appearances

  • Buckskin Girl had a brief appearance in Unsolved Mysteries when Patrice Corley's case was profiled.