Carol Cole Cscr-featured
Carol Cole
Name Carol Ann Cole
Sex Female
Found January 28, 1981
Location Bossier Parish, Louisiana
Missing from San Antonio, Texas
Identified February 2015 (34 years)
Age 17
Cause of death Stabbing

Carol Cole was a missing teen from San Antonio, Texas who disappeared in 1980 and was later found stabbed to death in 1981 in Louisiana. She was reconstructed by FACES, but not the NCMEC, despite her young age. Carol was identified in 2015 after her picture was compared to her reconstruction and DNA was compared.


On January 28, 1981, Carol's decomposed body was found after she was stabbed to death. She was believed to have run away after having difficulties while living in San Antonio, Texas with her mother.

Identification Edit

Carol Cole?

Unidentified subject at New Bethany School for Girls, which many believe could be Carol.

In 2015, a Facebook page was started that eventually led to Carol's identification, as a strong resemblance was seen between her reconstruction and her picture. DNA tests proved they were the same person.

A woman whose father found Carol's body claims she believes that he is responsible for her murder, as he had picked up a teenage female after she was hitchhiking and then she subsequently vanished. Officers consider the man a person of interest, yet he is not the prime suspect.



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