Crittenden County John Doe
Namus 5414 Reconstruction 2
Name Not released
Sex Male
Found October 28, 1982
Location West Memphis, Arkansas
Missing from Not released
Identified 2016
Span 32 years
Age 30 - 60
Cause of death Not stated
(Possible drowning)

Crittenden County John Doe was a man found deceased in Arkansas in 1982. He was identified in 2016.

Physical characteristics

  • The man had brown eyes
  • Black, kinky hair
  • Graying black sideburns
  • A "half moon" style beard

Clothing and jewelry

  • He wore blue pants
  • a brown belt
  • plaid boxers
  • a green jacket
  • A short-sleeved shirt with blue stripes
  • white socks
  • burgundy socks
  • A black, high-top boot
  • A gold-colored ring on the right ring finger

Personal items

  • He carried a map
  • "rider's guide" pamphlets
  • a container of vaseline
  • lip balm
  • a key
  • a lighter
  • a small amount of change