David Stack
Name David Arthur Stack
Sex Male
Found June 10, 1976
Location Tooele County, Utah
Missing from New Milford, Colorado
Identified August 11, 2015
Span 39 years
Age 18
Cause of death Gunshot (homicide)

David Arthur Stack was a young man found dead in Tooele County, Utah in 1976. In 1976, Stack left his Colorado home to hitchhike and never arrived to his destination. He was linked to the John Doe through dental comparison and DNA matched in August 2015.


Tooele County John Doe

NCMEC reconstruction

The victim was seen alive a day before his body was found. Within the next 24 hours, he was found deceased in a sanitation landfill. His death cause was released in 2015 when the potential match was published.

Theories Edit

  • He may be a Randy Kraft victim.
  • He may have witnessed another crime and was silenced for it. Small town mentality at time and he was found rather quickly after murder. Body was put in pauper grave and many missing pieces of evidence.


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