Diane Dye Cscr-featured
Diane DyeDye Age Progression
Age 13
Race White
Sex Female
Location California
Disappeared July 30, 1979
Missing for 37 years
Height 5'2
Weight 110 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Diane Dye was an American girl who had run away from home in 1979, possibly due to her parents' divorce. She was seen up to the early 1980s in California, but sightings eventually stopped, until 2016. She is missing under suspicious circumstances.

Princess Doe Edit

Dye was subjected to news media manipulation after the discovery of Princess Doe in 1982. Many believed the victim was Dye, but after DNA testing, it was proven that they were two separate people.

Possible resurfacing Edit

Diane's sister reported to have seen a woman strongly resembling Diane in June 2016 at a grocery store. The subject appeared to be impoverished and quickly left the scene after making eye contact with Diane's sister.

No further contact was made with the unknown woman.

Gallery Edit


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