Isdal Woman Cscr-featured
Isdal Woman
Sex Female
Race White
Location Isdalen Valley, Norway
Found November 29, 1970
Unidentified for 46 years
Postmortem interval Days
Body condition Burned
Age approximation 30-40
Height approximation Unknown
Weight approximation Unknown
Cause of death Disputed

(Ruled as suicide)

This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Isdal Woman was a subject who was seen alive on multiple occasions before her body was found in a valley in Norway. Although her death was ruled as suicide, many suspect foul play due to the bizarre circumstances of her death. Several governments and intelligence agencies were involved with the case, but none have been forthcoming with information. The case is often compared to that of the Somerton Man.

Theories Edit

  • She may have been a spy, most likely for the Soviet Bloc.



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