Jane Doe IX
Sex Female
Race White
Location Cleveland, Ohio
Found August 16, 1938
Unidentified for 79 years
Postmortem interval 4 - 6 months
Body condition Not stated
Age approximation 30 - 40
Height approximation 5'4
Weight approximation 120 - 125 pounds
Cause of death Homicide

This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Jane Doe IX was one of many victims of the Cleveland Torso Murderer.


The woman was found in a dumping ground near John Doe X. Her remains had been wrapped in cardboard, rags and brown paper. She had been dismembered and, unlike most of the other victims, her head was found nearby.

The condition of her body is unknown, but the man nearby was skeletonized. No physical information about her is known, except for her height, weight and age.