Jane Doe V
Sex Female
Race White
Location Euclid Beach, Ohio
Found February 23, 1937
Unidentified for 81 years
Postmortem interval 2 - 4 days
Body condition Traumatic injuries
Age approximation 25 - 35
Height approximation N/A
Weight approximation 100 - 120 pounds
Cause of death Decapitation
This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Jane Doe V was one of many victims of the Cleveland Torso Murderer.


The upper half of the victim's torso was found first, near the site Lady of the Lake was found, at Euclid Beach. The lower half was found two months later. No other remains were found.

It is unknown if she had been deposited at Kingsbury Run and floated from the Cuyahoga River or in Lake Erie.


  • She possibly lived in an urban area due to dirt and emphysema observed in the lungs.
  • Her hair was a medium brown.
  • She had gone through childbirth at least once.