Jill Cutshall
Age 9
Race White
Sex Female
Location Norfolk, Nebraska
Disappeared August 14, 1987
Missing for 31 years
Height 4'6
Weight 60 pounds
Classification Presumed homicide

Jillian Dee "Jill" Cutshall is a missing child who disappeared under suspicious circumstances in 1987.


Jillian was last seen August 14, 1987 when she was walking to her babysitter's house. Jillian never made it to her babysitter's house that day. Three months after she disappeared, her clothing was found at the Wild Duck Wildlife Refuge. Jillian hasn't been seen or heard from since.  A man has been charged for the kidnapping of Jillian. She has been legally declared dead by the State of Nebraska.


  • Jillian's body may be buried at or near the Wild Duck Wildlife Refuge.Acknowledged