Julie Doe Cscr-featured
Julie doe
Sex Female
Race White
Location Clermont, Florida
Found September 25, 1988
Unidentified for 30 years
Postmortem interval 8 months
Body condition Mummified
Age approximation 22 - 35
Height approximation 5'10
Weight approximation 170 pounds
Cause of death Suspected homicide

Julie Doe was a transgender woman found deceased in 1988. The cause of her death is undetermined, although the apparent concealment of her body suggests foul play.

She underwent testing by the DNA Doe Project. The second round of sequencing proved unsuccessful and more funding is underway for a third round.


  • She had natural brown hair that was bleached.
  • She had a healed injury to the right cheekbone
  • She had upper body reassignment surgery (most likely taking place in Miami or Atlanta, Georgia).
  • Plastic surgery was possibly done on her nose, as a result of the injury to her face or through her transition process.
  • She had 250cc silicone breast implants, which likely were put into place around 1984.


  • She wore a blue-green tank top.
  • She was wearing an acid washed denim skirt.
  • She wore pantyhose.