Little Lord Fauntleroy Cscr-featured
Little Lord Fauntleroy sketch
Sex Male
Race White
Location Waukesha, Wisconsin
Found March 8, 1921
Unidentified for 96 years
Postmortem interval Months
Body condition Unknown
Age approximation 5-7
Height approximation 3'6
Weight approximation Unknown
Cause of death Beating

Little Lord Fauntleroy was a child found dead in Wisconsin in 1921. He was murdered; he was beaten and thrown into a quarry.

Characteristics Edit

  • The child had blond hair
  • Brown eyes
  • A missing tooth on the side of his jaw.

Clothing Edit

  • He wore leather shoes with "cloth tops"
  • A gray sweater
  • light shirt
  • black stockings

Theories Edit

  • He may be Homer LemayAcknowledged


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