Little Miss Lake Panasoffkee Cscr-featured
Little Miss Lake Panasoffkee
Sex Female
Race White
Location Lake Panasoffkee, Florida
Found February 19, 1971
Unidentified for 47 years
Postmortem interval Weeks - 1 Month
Body condition Decomposed
Age approximation 17-22
Height approximation 5' - 5'5
Weight approximation 110 - 120 pounds
Cause of death Ligature strangulation

Little Miss Lake Panasoffkee was a teenager or young adult who was found murdered in Lake Panasoffkee, Florida in 1971.


The body was found after a few weeks and she had been strangled with a man's belt that was still around her neck. The victim may have been married, as she wore a ring on her left ring finger.

Physical characteristics

  • The victim had given birth at least once
  • She was likely from southern Europe, most likely Greece.
  • She had extensive dental work.
  • She had an Orthopedic surgery on her ankle between 1967 - 1970, the surgery (known as the "Watson - Jones" technique) was used to correct an instability in the ankle
  • She had Periostitis in her lower right leg, which is inflammation around the tissue near a bone, which would've caused pain, and she may have walked with a limp.
  • She had brown hair.

Clothing and Jewelry

  • A white and green floral poncho or shawl
  • A solid green shirt
  • Green plaid pants
  • Gold Baylor wrist watch on her left hand
  • A gold ring with a clear stone
  • A small gold necklace
  • A men's Size 36 belt (did not belong to the victim, yet is believed to be the murder weapon)


  • She may have been in Lake Panasoffkee for an Epiphany festival.Acknowledged
  • She may be ”Konstantina,” a foreign woman from Greece. Rule Out
  • She may have been born in Laurium, Greece