Lyle Stevik Cscr-featured
Lyle Stevik 2017
Sex Male
Race White
Native American
Location Amanda Park, Washington
Found September 17, 2001
Unidentified for 16 years
Postmortem interval Hours
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 20-35
Height approximation 6'2
Weight approximation 140 pounds
Cause of death Hanging

Lyle Stevik was the alias used by an unidentified man who committed suicide in Amanda Park, Washington.


The man checked into a hotel, using the alias of a character in the book You Must Remember This who attempted suicide. He had also listed the address of a hotel in Idaho. The man was seen pacing along a street by the hotel after he checked in and he eventually moved to a different room because of noise coming from a nearby trailer park.

He hanged himself with his belt inside of a coat rack and left money "for the room," which was accompanied by a note reading the phrase.

Physical Description

  • He had short brown hair and hazel eyes.
  • His appendix had been removed and he had a scar on his abdomen.
  • He had a mole on the left side of his chin.
  • He had recently lost weight.
  • He may have spoken with a Canadian accent.