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Marion County Jane Doe
Sex Female
Race White/Hispanic/Asian
Location Marion County, Ohio
Found March 10, 2007
Unidentified for 11 years
Postmortem interval 1-5 years
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 15 - 24
Height approximation 5'3 - 5'9
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Homicide[1]

Marion County Jane Doe was a young woman whose remains were found in 2007 in Ohio. Her suspected killer claimed her name started with a "D," possibly as Dana or Diane.


In 2016, it was announced that suspected serial killer Shawn Grate claimed to have killed the victim, who was apparently selling magazines door-to-door. He claimed to have abducted and stabbed her to death and dumpng her body along the road it was discovered.[2]


  • Mazariegos had braces at the time of her disappearence.



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