Mebane Child
Sex Male
Race White/Hispanic
Location Mebane, North Carolina
Found September 25, 1998
Unidentified for 19 years
Postmortem interval Months
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 10 - 12
Height approximation 4'7 - 4'11
Weight approximation 50 - 80 pounds
Cause of death Homicide

Mebane Child was a boy whose remains were found in 1998.


Mebane Child was discovered along a highway, near a billboard.

The cause and nature of the victim's death has not been released, although the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children released an update citing "someone had [harmed him]."

Physical characteristics

  • The victim had straight, dark brown hair at about three to four inches.
  • He had sealants on his teeth, but had no fillings.
  • He had prominent canines.


  • The boy wore khaki shorts with money inside.
  • He wore new-appearing black and white sneakers.
  • He wore white socks with matching underwear.