Michael Perdue
Name Michael Perdue
Sex Male
Found March 2, 1986
Location Covington, Virginia
Missing from Covington, Virginia (May 2, 1985)
Identified October 5, 2016
Span 30 years
Age 17
Cause of death Presumed drowning

Michael Perdue was a young man found deceased in Covington, Virginia in 1986.

Discovery Edit

The skull was located by fishermen and more portions of the partial skeleton were recovered over the next few days. His mandible was not found, alongside many other bones. It was initially believed that he died years before.

The male had no determinable distinctive features and was found alongside brown cloth that may have been the fragments of a glove or a sock.

Identification Edit

Perdue was identified in October 2016. He initially disappeared on May 2, 1985 after fleeing from a "firebomb incident." It is thought he drowned while trying to cross a river.



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