Milam County Jane Doe
Milam County Jane Doe
Sex Female
Race White/Hispanic
Location Rockdale, Texas
Found November 4, 1986
Unidentified for 30 years
Postmortem interval Weeks
Body condition Decomposed
Age approximation 12 - 18
Height approximation 5'2 - 5'3
Weight approximation 90 - 100 pounds
Cause of death Beating

Milam County Jane Doe was a teenage female found beaten to death in 1986 in Texas.

Case Edit

The victim's naked body was found along US Highway 77 in a prone position. She suffered blunt trauma to the back of her head, which left her features "indistinguishable."

She was exhumed in 2006 but her mandible and maxilla were missing, which made creation of a 3D reconstruction impossible.

Characteristics Edit

  • The victim had misaligned teeth that may have affected her speech.
  • She had many untreated cavities.
  • Her hair was naturally a dark brown or auburn color but appeared to have been bleached or dyed a lighter color.
  • She appeared to have spina bifida.
  • At least one of her ears was pierced.

Theories Edit

Links Edit

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