Miss X Cscr-featured
Miss X
Sex Female
Race White
Location Bear, Delaware
Found March 18, 1967
Unidentified for 51 years
Postmortem interval 24 hours
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 16 - 25
Height approximation 5'2
Weight approximation 110-115 pounds
Cause of death Blood poisoning (accidental)

For the girl found in 1958, see Little Miss X

Miss X was a young woman found dead in Bear, Delaware on March 18, 1967. She was previously believed to have attempted an abortion that caused her death, but had actually died as a result of an untreated infection. She was later linked to Trenton, New Jersey, where 3rd and 4th cousins were identified through DNA, although they had no idea who Miss X was.

Physical Description

  • She was about three months pregnant.
  • She had dark brown hair and brown eyes.
  • She had a vaccination scar on her left thigh.
  • Her teeth were in good condition.
  • Her ears were pierced.