Rachel Mellon
Age 13
Race Asian
Sex Female
Location Bolingbrook, Illinois
Disappeared January 31, 1996
Missing for 22 years
Height 5' 0"
Weight 62-80 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Rachel Marie Mellon (also listed as Mellon-Skemp) was a teenage girl who disappeared in 1996. Foul play is suspected in her case.


Rachel was last seen by her stepfather, Vincent Mellon, in her home while being absent from school due to a sore throat. Rachel was wrapped in a blanket and two pillows when she went missing, none of which have been located. Vincent has been considered a possible suspect, as he had bodily scratches after Rachel's disappearance, had a history of domestic violence, and failed polygraph tests regarding her disappearance. In addition, an entry in Rachel's diary dating months before her disappearance indicated Vincent kissing and touching her inappropriately. A memorial service for Rachel was held in 2006. Regardless, no arrests have been issued and Rachel continues to be missing.