Reyna Marroquin Cscr-featured
Reyna Marroquin
Name Reyna Angelica Marroquin
Sex Female
Found September 1999
Missing from New York
Identified 1999/2000
Age 27-28
Cause of death Beating

Reyna Angelica Marroquin (May - Roh - KEEN) was a woman from El Salvador who was murdered in 1969. Her mummified body remained undiscovered for nearly thirty years.

Case Edit

She was initially unidentified until an address book in her purse was dried and was used to track down one of her friends who was still living in the area. Reyna was killed because her lover, Howard Elkins, was having an affair with Reyna and she later told his wife about the relationship. She was pregnant with Elkin's child upon her death.

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