Sex Female
Race Black/White
Location Houston, Texas
Found October 16, 2012
Unidentified for 4 years
Postmortem interval 3 - 6 weeks
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 15 - 17
Height approximation 4'7 - 5'3
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Undetermined(S)

"Smurfette" was a female found deceased in Texas in 2012. Her remains were found inside of two trash bags.

Physical characteristics Edit

  • She had a visible overbite.
  • She had evidence of dental work but was in need of care, as she had several untreated cavities.
  • She may have been an admixture of White and Black ancestry.
  • She may have had osteopenia.
  • She had a malformation at the base of her skull
  • Isotope testing indicated she spent time in Austin or San Antonio, Texas.
  • She had wavy to curly dark brown hair.
  • She had a small build.

Clothing and accessories Edit

  • She wore a blue-green tee shirt with the "Smurfette" character and the phrase "He smurfs me, he smurfs me not."
  • Tan, size 5, cargo pants
  • A bobby pin in her hair.

Gallery Edit


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