Tammy Alexander Cscr-featured
Tammy Alexander
Name Tammy Jo Alexander
Sex Female
Found November 9, 1979
Location Caledonia, New York
Missing from Brooksville, Florida
Identified January 25, 2015
Span 35 years
Age 16
Cause of death Gunshot (homicide)

Tammy Jo Alexander, previously known as Cali Doe and Caledonia Jane Doe was a teenage girl who was murdered on November 8, 1979 and found on November 9. Her case has become one of the most popular cases of unidentified homicide victims in the world. She had been unidentified 35 years, 2 months and 14 days.


The victim's body was found on November 9, 1979, approximately a day after she was shot in the side of the head and once in the back. The girl was dubbed as "Cali Doe," as she was found near the city of Caledonia, in Livingston County, New York.

She was initially believed to have been from the southwestern part of the United States, as examination on her bones and the turquoise necklace that she wore. It was also possible that she was native to Mexico, or possibly Canada.

Cali original

Original reconstruction

She was witnessed to be eating at a diner with a man who has never been located. He has been regarded to be a person of interest in her murder. The autopsy revealed she had eaten food consistent with the establishment where she was seen.


  • A man seen with the girl at a diner could be involved with her murder, but he has never been identified.Acknowledged


Cali Doe person of interest

Sketch of man seen with Tammy at a diner

Tammy was identified on January 26, 2015 through DNA analysis. She was sixteen upon the time of her death. Tammy had run away from a dysfunctional household in the late 1970s and most likely hitchhiked to Caledonia, where she later died. Tammy's killer has never been located, although investigation is moving forward.

It has been disputed whether or not Tammy was reported missing before a classmate filed a report in 2014. Tammy's family were subjected to a large amount of scrutiny, but refuted the public's accusations. They stated that because of her history of running away, her missing person report was not taken seriously, similar to Michelle Garvey and Amber Creek.

In 2016, three men had been tested against the DNA sample detected on Tammy's clothing; in November it had been announced that none of them turned out to be a match.


Media appearances

  • Her case appeared on America's Most Wanted


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