Tina Farmer
Tina Farmer
Name Tina Marie McKenney Farmer
Sex Female
Found January 1, 1985
Location La Follette, Tennessee
Missing from Indianapolis, Indiana
Identified September 2018
Span 33 years
Age 21
Cause of death Strangulation

This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Tina Marie McKenney Farmer was a woman discovered in early January 1985. Judging by the decomposition on her remains, it is believed she had died in late 1984. She is considered to be one of the victims of the Redhead murders, her identification marking the second in the slayings.


Her body was found near a highway near Jellico in Campbell County, Tennessee on Interstate 75. Although she had died recently, she was already in an advanced state of decomposition. The victim had been bound and strangled.

If she was the victim of the Redhead Murderer, she met the characteristics of the killer, as she had red hair and may have been a hitchhiker, prostitute or a runaway.

It was announced the victim was identified on September 6, 2018 through fingerprinting.

Little is known about Farmer‘s disappearance. It is known she was reported missing prior to being matched with the prints of the Jane Doe. Her daughter died from cancer in 2017.

Physical Description

  • She had curly, shoulder-length red hair.
  • Her eyes were green.
  • She may have had plastic surgery in the past.s
  • She had freckles.
  • She had various scars and burn marks on both of her arms and legs and a scar on her forehead.
  • She was 10 to 12 weeks pregnant.
    • She had likely had another child before.
  • She wore a partial upper denture.
  • Her ears were double pierced.
  • She had possibly had a laparoscopy in life.

Clothing and accessories

  • New blue jeans
  • White velour long-sleeved sport shirt or blouse with a wide beige band at the bottom