Trabuco Canyon John Doe
Sex Male
Race White/Hispanic
Location Trabuco Canyon, California
Found December 13, 1996
Unidentified for 21 years
Postmortem interval 6-18 months
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 15 - 19
Height approximation 5'2 - 5'8
Weight approximation 130-160 pounds
Cause of death Undetermined(S)

Trabuco Canyon John Doe was a young man found deceased in California in 1996.

Physical characteristics

  • He had red to sandy-blond hair.
  • He appeared to be of "medium stature."
  • He had cavities and abscesses on his teeth.

Clothing and personal items

He was found with:

  • an extra-large white shirt.
  • a green pair of "bikini" underwear in poor condition.
  • A n elastic band.
  • A "ligature" made from knotted cloth.
  • Electrical wires.
  • A shoe insole.