Welcome to the Unidentified Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to unidentified persons (those who are deceased or alive). The purpose for this wiki is to provide information and awareness for these individuals and not to solve such cases.

View our case files through our Chronological or Geographical indexes.

Anyone is welcome to add pages, photos (as long as they are not graphic) and information regarding these cases. This wiki also contains missing persons cases (only those who are believed to be deceased) and those who have been identified. If you want to create a page, please follow instructions here.


  • Like Wikipedia and similar sources, this website is open to anyone to modify and cannot be guaranteed to be reliable.
  • This is not a law enforcement or government-run website.
  • All images featured on this wiki are the sole property of the author or authors who created them. The sole purpose for such work is to provide a representation of the person that cannot be described in words.
  • Certain details included in this wiki may not be suitable for everyone. Many cases contain graphic detail of violence.

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