A suspicious death is where there is a possibility that an individual was murdered, although the death cause may not be apparent. On this wiki, some cases have officially been ruled to be suspicious and others have not, yet homicide seems to be a large possibility. If the term "suspicious" appears in an infobox, it does not guarantee that the victim was murdered. If such a statement exists on the article, it indicates that someone likely had knowledge of the subject's death but never reported it to police. Many bodies are often hidden in wooded areas for concealment.

Official ruling

In cases such as Perry County Jane Doe, the death cause was officially ruled as "suspicious." If the death cause has been ruled by medical examiners or police as such, a checkmark will appear next to the word in the infobox.

Strong indication of foul play

Some cases, like Mount Baldy John Doe have not had their causes of death released, although the circumstances of the discovery as well as visible damage to the body may be present in mortuary photographs. If this factor exists, a "1" will appear next to the word "suspicious."

Natural or accidental death possible

In the case of the "Abby", it has not. The victim was found in a river. Those responsible for the child obviously wanted to conceal the fact that she was dead, yet it is unknown if she had been murdered. The child may have simply died to an accidental or natural way. Some subjects could have also died of overdoses and companions could have disposed of the body out of fear. If a natural death is possible, a "2" will appear next to the word "suspicious."

Circumstances unknown

An event where there have been no circumstances indicating the individual was purposely concealed, a habitual drug user, disabled, had signs of violence on their body, etc, yet it is still possible that the subject did not die naturally and could have been murdered. A "3" will appear next to the word "suspicious."