Valentine Doe Cscr-featured
Valentine Doe
Sex Female
Race White
Location Big Coppitt Key, Florida
Found February 15, 1991
Unidentified for 26 years
Postmortem interval 24 hours
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 16 - 25
Height approximation 5'5 - 5'7
Weight approximation 130 - 145 pounds
Cause of death Strangulation

This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Valentine Doe was a young woman murdered in Florida in 1991. She had also been beaten and was presumed to have been raped, as authorities state. She had possibly been seen hitchhiking a day before her death and is thought to possibly have been foreign, as she did not dress according to the climate.

Physical characteristics Edit

  • Valentine Doe had brown hair.
  • She had greenish-brown eyes.
  • She is believed to be white, yet examiners are unsure if she could be of a different ethnicity.
  • She may have had a child at one point in life.
  • She had ovarian and Fallopian tube cysts, which may have caused her pain.
  • She suffered from salpingitis.
  • She had a cross tattoo on the skin between her index finger and thumb on her left hand.
  • She had the word "love" tattooed on her left shoulder inside of a heart.
  • At some point during life, two of her teeth had been removed.
  • Each of her ears were pierced four times.



  • She may have been foreign to the country Acknowledged
  • She may be Ruth Leamon Rule Out


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