Wadsworth Jane Doe
Sex Female
Race White/Native American
Location Wadsworth, Nevada
Found September 30, 1990
Unidentified for 27 years
Postmortem interval Unknown
(Circa 1990)
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 24 - 33
Height approximation 5'2
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Homicide

Wadsworth Jane Doe was a woman found murdered in 1990.


The skull and mandible were first discovered some distance along a dirt road, near state route 447. After police came to the scene, additional bones were recovered.

The Doe Network lists the victim's death as homicide, where NamUs states the body was too badly deteriorated to determine the manner or cause of her death.

Physical characteristics

  • The victim had evidence of dental work. She had:
    • A root canal
    • Similar work on two other teeth.
    • A porcelain crown
    • lingual amalgam restoration
  • She had a healed injury to the lower back of her leg.